We’re fully aware that it can get quite difficult for non-german-speakers to find some cultural programme in Cologne. Since english is spoken language by most of the people without german skills living here in Cologne we try to be one bullet in the list of events for english speakers at least.

However, pö a pö isn’t fully in english. Since the format is based on spontaneity and because we still want to use german as the language which excludes the least it probably never will.

Nevertheless we try to establish that every non-german-speaker – or at least english speaker – is able to participate and enjoy the event. We try to have at least a couple of contributions presented in english at every event as well as a bunch of music and visual arts which don’t require any language skills. We invite you to be the next one to contribute something in english, another language or without language.

Furthermore: Please don’t hesitate to ask at the event itself whether there is someone who feels able to translate simultaneously or contact us in advance: contact Probably there will be some solution.

On this page we try to provide english translations as far as possible. For an easy navigation these translations are in a red font colour. If a subpage offers english translations ‚below‘ there will be a small note on the top.